New article about Poles’ musical tastes

The article “The Homology of Musical Tastes in Poland” was published in issue 4 of the scientific journal Studia Socjologiczne. Publication is based on the results of a quantitative study carried out as part of the Musical Distinctions research project. You can read the entire article HERE. The main aim of the analysis is to … Read moreNew article about Poles’ musical tastes

Who is „high” and who is „low” in musical tastes? (conference paper)

On May 11-12, 2020, the international scientific conference „EXPECTED INEQUALITIES AND UNINTENDED SYMMETRIES” took place. This year’s conference was the 10th event of a series of workshops on unintended consequences. During the conference, our Team presented a paper entitled „Who is ‚high’ and who is ‚low’ in musical tastes? Stratification inside cultural ‚repertoires’„. The presentation … Read moreWho is „high” and who is „low” in musical tastes? (conference paper)

List of songs listened to by respondents

The quantitative research under the project “Musical Distinctions” has been completed. During interview respondents were listening to selected musical pieces. The respondents were asked to indicate who was performing a given song and how much they liked or disliked a given piece of music. Below we present a list of songs that the respondents listened … Read moreList of songs listened to by respondents

Start of the quantitative research

On February 18th, fieldwork in Musical Distinctions research project has began. The empirical quantitative study is based on a representative method, more precisely on nationwide random sample. The survey will be carried out by interviewers from two research agencies – Danae and Realizacja. During the survey, respondents will listen to fragments of selected music pieces. … Read moreStart of the quantitative research